About Us


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Designz3D is a 3D Printing and Manufacturing company. Our items sold were from ideas our customers that we made a reality. We would love to prototype your item today. All of our products are backed by 30-day money back guarantee and a quality control process to ensure each item shipped meets all standards.

We will design your model for free in exchange for Designz3D owning intellectual property rights. You can also buy time on our printers for your proprietary design. Designz3D will sign a NDA disclosure for all customer owned models.

All of our items are proudly made in the USA.

Designz3D started as a small business with just 1 3D Printer. Today, we have over 12 printers and are sending roughly 500 units a week to our customers. That’s an awesome milestone and thank you for making our dream possible by putting your trust in us. You are Desingz3D’s #1 asset and we appreciate your business.

Designz3D’s core values are Excellence, Quality, Service and Customer Obsessed.